I think I have a better understanding of why someone will moan “I got thrown under the bus!”  The last weeks of October and first two weeks of November were that “bus” and I’ve got the physical and mental bruises to prove it!

Started with a stomach upset—very unusual for me.  Dry toast and grape jelly was on the menu for a few days.  That’s what my mom would have done and it is what I did for my boys when they were little.  Don’t think it helped my A1C, though.

Got the tummy settled and on came the cold of all colds.  Not only did I have a sore, scratchy throat, but I had a nasty cough, runny nose and my eyes were watering.  My ribs were sore from coughing and I had to use tissues with aloe to pamper my poor nose.

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Yep, I felt like I was under that bus.

The following week I had a doctor’s appointment which had already been  scheduled; I would have her check me out.  
“How much longer were you going to wait to see me,” she asked when I started coughing.  

I listed all the measures I’d taken to get myself well:  cough medicine, home made chicken noodle/rice soup from my neighbors, medication for folks with high blood pressure and so on.

“That might have worked on your sons,” she said,  “but you have too many medical issues to be “doctoring” yourself.”

One, two three she took care of business:  drew blood (potassium too low); lungs clear; see ophthalmologist for eye care (at that appointment tests showed the antibiotic cleared whatever had been going on in my eyes).  She prescribed a 6-day series of antibiotics, a pro biotic and potassium twice a day.

“I’ll see you in two weeks,” said my doctor, “you should be feeling better by then.”

Most of you are familiar with my “health issues.”  You’ve been so supportive and caring during my battles with breast cancer.  After much thought, it seems like a loss of independence to have to see a doctor for something I normally took care of myself.  But I got the message, loud and clear:  when my body tells me that something is going on, forget trying to heal thyself, and get to the doctor.