On a rainy, hot and humid afternoon last week, The Jersey Four came to The Somers Pointe and sang their hearts out a la Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.  We started with a tasty buffet luncheon—dessert and coffee was served during the intermission.  What a splendid afternoon!

When The Jersey Four entered the packed dining room in their shiny black tux jackets, they were greeted with applause and cheers.  From the first beat of the drum, we were entertained with the Four Seasons’ play list:  “Sherry,” “Walk like a man,” “Big girls don’t cry,” “Dawn,” “Rag doll,” “Let’s hang on,” “I’ve got you under my skin,” “Can’t take my eyes off of you,” “Silence is golden,” “Who loves you, baby,” and on and on.  They also entertained us with tidbits about the original Four Seasons and had us laughing at some of their jokes.

I felt a change in the audience after the intermission—the “Four” came back in shiny royal blue tux jackets!  Mmmm, handsome! We really “got into” the music, “rocking” in our seats, singing along with the guys who encouraged us.  You can bet that the majority of the audience knew the words to the songs. I can say without reservation that if there had been a dance floor, it would have been packed.   I saw the absolutely animated, smiling, clapping masses get on their feet and really into the joyous mood:  Rosemarie, Regina, Florence, Susan, Pam, Muriel, Connie, Barbara, Ted and Mary Lou, Elaine and so many more.  Some of our friends who use walkers didn’t let that stop them from moving to the tunes! 

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 There could never be a doubt that The Jersey Four love and are devoted to what they do.  And we, their audience, were the grateful recipients of this talent and devotion.  Thank you, gentlemen, for an unforgettable afternoon of great, awesome music, nostalgia and happiness in a not-so-very happy world.  Your music is running through my mind as I write this column.

Put a little music into your life, folks, it’s great for the soul and can soothe some aches and pains!