Pyewacket and Stanley, my feline family, join our editor’s cat, Chief, in cheering the New York law banning cat de-clawing.  

We human beings feel we have the right to manipulate animals to suit our tastes.  I find it appalling!  Docking dogs’ tails, caging them when we’re not home, styling their fur to suit us and not them.  Thank goodness old fashioned zoos and circuses are now or soon will be defunct.  Elephants are hunted for their tusks and lions are shot for sport.  We preserve their heads and pin them to our walls to show our prowess.  Primitive peoples hunting animals for sustenance is one thing; animal heads on our walls is something else.

We also abuse our rain forests, cutting them down to build furniture or make room for other human indulgences.  We have no guilt in demolishing them, stripping away habitats for birds and animals and ignoring the needs of future human generations.  It’s through our rainforests that the Earth replenishes some of its basic needs.  Demolish them and our planet will rid itself of us.  

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It’s only because of our opposing thumbs that we are able to take advantage of our brain power and build things.  Birds are more beautiful, elephants stronger, cats more resourceful, dolphins friendlier, dogs more forgiving, horses statelier…I could go on forever listing the accoutrements of our winged and four legged friends.  The Earth is home to all of us and we human beings must learn to respect their lives as well as our own.  We must be the stewards of our planet, renewing, reviving, and restoring, not divesting it of all its resources.

That is why this seemingly simple new law is so important.  It proves we have finally realized that de-clawing cats is akin to viciously pulling the nails out of our fingers…pure torture.  

We’re beginning to realize that caging wild animals is cruel and forcing elephants to stand on their hind legs just to amuse us is a travesty.  Perhaps someday the dolphins, with their kind and gentle ways will inherit the Earth.  Until then we must remember that somewhere, in regions we have yet to discover, may be a race superior to ours.  They may look on us as lower life forms to be displayed in caged habitats and entertain their children with our ‘human’ antics.   Remember, as I’ve quoted before, “the mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.”