Every year my friends and I look forward to attending the annual Somers Lions Carnival at Fireman’s Field. Even though it is an overall wonderful event that everyone enjoys, I do believe that it does have some drawbacks.

For one, I do believe that there aren’t enough carnival excursions for kids in the middle school. I do believe that if there were more rides that appealed to that age group, the Lions Club would hands down make more money, and everyone would have a better time and possibly stay longer. If Fireman’s Field can’t hold that amount of rides and people, I strongly suggest that we all consider relocating the whole event itself.

I propose that we move it to Reis Park. It’s 2.8 miles away from the Fireman’s Field and right down the street from Somers High School and Primrose. Having it at Reis Park would make it easily accessible for the high schoolers and for the kids at Primrose.

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I also suggest that there should be separate areas for the middle schoolers and Primrose Elementary students. Primrose students should have their rides in the back of the library, separate from the middle school students. Meanwhile, the older kids could have their thrilling rides up top at the soccer fields; they’re much more spacious, which would most likely bring in more money and have more people staying.

Lastly, I believe that having it at Reis Park would bring more people to the carnival, making more money for the Lions Club, which go into helping the community and anyone in need, so isn’t it a great idea to have more people attend?