These past few weeks I’ve had a follow-up visits with my physicians watching over me and my various health issues.

I did  report to you that my red blood count is within the normal range which was good news because it meant there wouldn’t be a phlebotomy—I really don’t like giving away my blood!

The cardiologist shared with me that everything was on target; he said that my cholesterol numbers were “outstanding.”

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Last week it was time to see how my lungs were doing (pulmonary hypertension).  More good news!  Lungs are clear, oxygen level is normal and breathing test was normal.  He added that I am to keep up with the nocturnal oxygen.  I was so relieved by these results.  

As the doctor was typing in his visit summary, we chatted about the weather, vacation plans and the like.  I mentioned seeing The Jersey Four here at Heritage Hills and how much I loved hearing the Four Seasons’ music.  With that comment, one of my favorite doctors broke into “Sherry,” followed by snippets of “You’re too good to be true,” “I’ve got you under my skin.”  Along with a great personality, the man can sing! I shared with him that “Silence is golden” is one of my favorites.  He wasn’t familiar with that song, so I, in an out-of-practice voice, sang a few bars.

“I’ll have to look that one up, sounds like a “carrying-a- torch” song.”

As I left his office, I thought how blessed I am with my medical team:  they are dedicated professionals who excel in their chosen fields and have cared for me for many years.  And who knew that one of them would become my “Singin’ MD?”