One of the reasons I fell in love with Ken was his sense of humor. Not only did he make me laugh, but he appreciated my sense of humor.  Another reason was that he was smart.  He has knowledge of things I don’t even care to think about.  In fact, it’s a pretty sure bet that if he is on your team during holiday games, you will win.  

One of my strong points is that I love trivia, and each night I will recite a new fact to him as we eat dinner.  The more unbelievable the fact, the more he enjoys hearing it.  

Watching Jeopardy is one of our guilty pleasures.  We watched it almost daily when we were first married and then forgot about it with all we had to do as our family grew.  Homework, and school and sports events had us occupied during the time Jeopardy aired.  But several months back, we heard about an amazing contestant, James Holzhauer, who was just too hard to beat; so Ken and I began watching Jeopardy again just to see how far he could go.  We were once again hooked on the show and have begun watching regularly.

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Of course, as the answers are presented in various categories, Ken and I like to play along trying to give the correct questions.  Our main lament is that we sometimes know the question, but we just can’t think of it fast enough. A recent category was about books and I did pretty well knowing most of the questions. 

I decided to play a joke on Ken.  We had begun taping Jeopardy and watching it the next night.  What he didn’t know was that during the day I watched it and jotted down the answers and the correct questions, and when we watched it together, I answered every single category in Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy.  I glided through the Daily Doubles and aced Final Jeopardy.  Of course, as I stated the correct questions, I tried to sound like I was unsure.  When the show was over, Ken turned to me and said, “Hon, that was amazing!” 

I tried keeping a straight face, but I confessed, “I can’t lie.  I watched the show today and studied all the answers.  I wanted it to be a joke, but I actually got some insight into how the contestants feel when they win.  I admit that I feel pretty smug.”

Ken took my joke well and admitted that, “I got him.”  The downside is that in the future when I actually do know the questions, he won’t believe me!!