SOMERS, N.Y. – The Tuskers track and field team is taking the cancellation of the spring season in stride.

Dozens of varsity athletes from Somers and Arlington competed last week in the second “Tuskers Quarantine Invitational,” a virtual meet featuring more than a dozen running, strength and throwing events.

Runners completed the events on their own and submitted the results to their coaches.

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200-Meter Dash

  1. Brian Halper, Somers, junior—26.1
  2. Cody Gibbs, Arlington, sophomore—26.3
  3. Xander Peterson, Somers, sophomore—27.4
  4. Jaren Sanborn, Arlington, freshman—30.2
  5. Rebecca Itty, Arlington, sophomore—30.2
  6. Ciara Murphy, Somers, junior—31.4

400-Meter Dash

  1. Peter MacNeil, Somers, senior—55
  2. Zachary Lockwood, Arlington, junior—59.3
  3. Brian Halper, Somers, junior—59.8
  4. Xander Peterson, Somers, sophomore—60.7
  5. Jared Sanborn, Arlington, junior—62.3
  6. Patrick Marzella, Somers, sophomore—69.1
  7. Michael Falcone, Somers, freshman—69.2

800-Meter Run

  1. Emmett Brennan, Arlington, junior—2:19.2
  2. Jesse Simonetty, Arlington, junior—2:20.1
  3. Ben Sobolewski, Arlington, senior—2:20.7
  4. Aaron Lawrence, Arlington, junior—2:21.3
  5. Ryan Hermann, Arlington, junior—2:25
  6. Jalyssa Smith, Arlington, senior—2:33.4
  7. Raven Stanet, Arlington, junior—2:34
  8. Michael Falcone, Somers, sophomore—2:35.8
  9. Anthony Viera, Arlington, junior—2:36.37
  10. Rebecca Fastiggi, Arlington, senior—2:37
  11. Kaitlyn Murtagh, Arlington, junior—2.38
  12. Scarlett Lacken, Arlington, senior—2:39
  13. Anna Recktenwalt, Arlington, junior—2:43
  14. Casey Stowell, Arlington, sophomore—2:47
  15. Ciara Murphy, Somers, junior—2:48.9
  16. Delaney McMorris, Arlington, freshman—2:59
  17. Mason Phillips, Somers, freshman—2:59
  18. Robert Moore, Somers, sophomore—3:03
  19. Kyra Zach, Arlington, junior—3:03
  20. Amani Risal, Arlington, senior—3:05
  21. Sarah Fatzinger, Arlington, senior—3:20
  22. Nitin Seshadri, Somers, junior—3:25
  23. Sofia Milojevic, Somers, sophomore—3:27

1-Mile Run

  1. Ben Sobolewski, Arlington, senior—5:11.3
  2. Ryan Hermann, Arlington, junior—5:12
  3. Connor Phillips, Somers, junior—5:14
  4. Tommy Spencer, Somers, junior—5:18.2
  5. Aaron Lawrence, Arlington, sophomore—5:18.2
  6. Jalyssa Smith, Arlington, senior—5:32.64
  7. Kaitlyn Murtagh, Arlington, junior—5:35.88
  8. Anna Recktenwalt, Arlington, junior—5:39.12
  9. Emmett Brennan, Arlington, junior—5:42
  10. Rebecca Fastiggi, Arlington, senior—5:42.36
  11. Raven Stanet, Arlington, junior—5:47.76
  12. Scarlett Lacken, Arlington, senior—5:55
  13. Casey Stowell, Arlington, sophomore—5:55
  14. Mason Phillips, Somers, freshman—5:58
  15. Ciara Murphy, Somers, junior—6:09.5
  16. Amalia Nunes, Arlington, junior—6:18.0
  17. Kyra Zach, Arlington, junior—6:21.24
  18. Coach Murphy, Arlington—6:28.7
  19. Robert Moore, Somers, sophomore—6:29
  20. Amani Risal, Arlington, senior—6:58
  21. Sarah Fatzinger, Arlington, senior—7:06
  22. Nitin Seshadri, Somers, junior—7:08
  23. Sofia Milojevic, Somers, sophomore—7:10

3,000-Meter Run

  1. Shannon Pfeifer, Arlington, sophomore—11:48
  2. Scarlett Lacken, Arlington, senior—12:07.02
  3. Delaney McMorris, Arlington, sophomore—12:09
  4. Celia Aguilar, Arlington, sophomore—13:12

3,200-Meter Run

  1. Colin Brooks, Somers, sophomore—10:30.5
  2. Nicola DeMarinis, Somers, junior—10:45.35
  3. Connor Phillips, Somers, freshman—11:18
  4. Ryan Allen, Somers, sophomore—11:27
  5. Tommy Spencer, Somers, junior—12:32.7
  6. Scarlett Lacken, Arlington, senior—13:01

Plank Challenge

  1. Coach Canevari, Arlington—9:33
  2. Anthony Viera, Arlington, junior—6:21
  3. Ciara Murphy, Somers, junior—5:08.1
  4. PeterBodnar IV, Arlington, sophomore—4:52.2
  5. Jesse Simonetty, Arlington, junior—4:41.4
  6. Sydney Mihalchik, Arlington, freshman—4:28.6
  7. Rebecca Itty, Arlington, sophomore—4:23
  8. Nieve Mahood, Somers, junior—4:10.3
  9. Brian Halper, Somers, junior—3:43
  10. Coach Murphy, Arlington—2:02

Basketball Throw

  1. Nico Pedersen, Somers, sophomore—61.1
  2. Brian Halper, Somers, junior—57.4
  3. Xander Pedersen, Somers, sophomore—53.6
  4. Cody Gibbs, Arlington, sophomore—52.10
  5. Sydney Mihalchik, Arlington, freshman—51.3

Frisbee Throw

  1. Ryan Allen, Somers, sophomore—166.0
  2. Brian Halper, Somers, junior—132.4

Standing Long Jump

  1. Jesse Simonetty, Arlington, junior—7.10
  2. Peter Bodnar IV, Arlington, sophomore—7.5
  3. Sydney Mihalchik, Arlington, freshman—7.2
  4. Cody Gibbs, Arlington, sophomore—7.1
  5. Rebecca Itty, Arlington, sophomore—6.9

Can Shot Put

  1. Nico Pedersen, Somers, sophomore—68.6
  2. Xander Pedersen, Somers, sophomore—63.6
  3. Sydney Mihalchik, Arlington, freshman—59.3


  1. Coach Murphy, Arlington—45.85
  2. Jesse Simonetty, Arlington, junior—55.2
  3. Rebecca Itty, Arlington, sophomore—55.7
  4. Cody Gibbs, Arlington, sophomore—59.2
  5. Sydney Mihalchik, Arlington, freshman—62.7
  6. Brian Halper, Somers, junior—66.8
  7. Coach Canevari, Arlington—70.2


  1. Jesse Simonetty, Arlington, junior—2:24.52
  2. Nick Kusior, Arlington, junior—2:36
  3. Sydney Mihalchik, Arlington, freshman—2:37.84
  4. Rebecca Itty, Arlington, sophomore—2:38.1
  5. Coach Canevari, Arlington—2:42.8
  6. Coach Murphy, Arlington—2:51.5

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