matthew horowitz  4/10/2019

Dear somers record,

I belive our town needs a pool. the reason i think our town needs a pool is because of the fact it would bring our community together and it would make our town more known . It would also let the kids in our community have a place to swim.The only place we can swim is in a lake or a pond buy if we have a pool in Somers then there would be more options to swim. Also, pools are naturally cleaner then ponds so that is a benefit of having a pool. you might ask were do we put the pool? well there is a few options first in can begin Reis park or in Vantassel or behind the high school. Reis park is a better option then the school because it is a town park and a lot of people go there. i belive Somers needs a pool in the town and i hope you agree with me.

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