I just gained power today, and because we have a whole house generator I was able to offer showers to residents of Heritage Hills. What got to me is that for them to seek showers at this time in their lives is terrible. Even more so because much of this could have been prevented, or at the very least, reduced in impact.

We can blame the utilities for a double whammy here, increased rates and outages, but that will only spin news cycles. The politicians can call for investigations but that, too, is a waste since we all know why we have these outages—an old, outdated and weakened infrastructure in the face of climate change. We can also blame climate change, but to be truthful, there are states in our United States that deal with extreme weather for more than four months a year (e.g. Alaska, Maine, Wyoming, Montana, California). What they have done is a progressive hardening of their infrastructures and added resiliency as the extreme weather is multiplied by climate change.

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