To the editor,

The latest report from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) is a detailed analysis of federal, state and local programs that are available to the nation’s illegals (12.5 million) and their U.S. born children (4.2 million) or accessed via fraud. The total cost to the nation’s taxpayers: $135 billion.

What we pay for: As a result of a 1982 Supreme Court decision, states are required to provide K-12 public education for students without legal immigrant status; New York State is in compliance with this decision. SUNY tuition policy states that undocumented aliens who attend New York high schools for at least two years and graduate from them may be eligible for the in-state tuition rate; however, illegal immigrants are ineligible for the tuition assistance program.

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Health: Proof is required to qualify for Medicaid unless a woman is pregnant or the situation is considered an “emergency.” New York State law requires that hospitals treat everyone who requires emergency care; however, continuing care by federal definition is not included.

Labor: Illegal immigrants are eligible for workers compensation but not unemployment. Labor standards still apply to illegal aliens, such as minimum wage, hours of labor, or prevailing wage on public construction sites. 

Welfare: This is not a clear-cut issue, but while not entitled to most benefits, they do, in fact, receive them. Under federal law, any alien who is not a “qualified alien” is ineligible for state and local benefits. To be qualified, one has to be here under asylum, admitted for permanent residence or fit another limited federal category. 

New York State: Total annual tax burden: $7.4 BILLION!

Your individual tax burden for a single alien child including welfare, health care, school lunches and teacher costs is: $25,000!