To the Editor:

I am writing to praise Supervisor Morrissey's prompt action in planning to ban commercial sales of recreational marijuana in Somers (Feb 14, Town hashes out impending marijuana legalization). As someone who corresponds regularly with colleagues in Colorado, I can verify what the Supervisor said. Colorado leads the nation in first time marijuana use among its youth. Marijuana related  traffic fatalities have more than doubled. Pot related emergency room visits have skyrocketed, especially cases of child poisonings and cannabis-induced psychosis. The black market is thriving and crime is up. Even the expected tax revenue, which was supposed to go to their schools, was not enough to keep Denver teachers from going on strike.

All the Supervisor's work will be for naught, however, if the state passes the proposed law.. Under Cuomo's plan, municipalities with fewer than 100,000 residents cannot opt-out. This provision is one of many designed to benefit the cannabis industry to the detriment of the residents of New York.Therefore, I encourage all concerned citizens to contact our representatives in Albany directly and urge them to oppose commercial sales of recreational marijuana.

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Russell Kamer. MD

Somers, NY