Am I the only person left on the face of the earth who changes curtains with the seasons?  I don’t think so, but that’s what my husband would have me believe.

It’s always around this time of year that the “lighter-in-weight” and “lighter-in-color” curtains come out of storage; and on more than one occasion, my husband has asked me why I want to change the curtains.  “Don’t you like the ones that are there now?” he’ll ask.

“Yes, I love them, but they’re too heavy for spring and summer; and don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to help me.  I can handle it myself.”  I’m sure that if he knew what the whole day entailed, he wouldn’t even want me to do it! 

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So now that you know that I don’t pull my husband away from golf to climb a ladder to take down the winter curtains and then install the spring curtains, let me tell you what I do.  I wait till I hear the garage door close before I take out the ironing board to press each of the panels for every room.  I then climb on a stepstool, take down the existing curtains, take them outside to shake out the dust of the last six months, fold them and hang them back in the closet.  I then get out the cleaning supplies and a bolt of paper towels and wash each window top to bottom and in and out; then I hang the new curtains.

I continue this process through each room until I’m ready to drop.  I usually make sure my “oldies tapes” are playing in the background for motivation; and every few hours I open the back door so that my pups, Coco, can get some fresh air – otherwise she knows to stay clear of me.

This is also the day I pick at the fruit bowl and drink numerous cups of tea, as there is no time to sit and eat.  I’m a woman on a mission.
Now this may all sound like I’m complaining, but I assure you that I love the process and enjoy seeing the house transform with the change of the seasons.  It means that the weather is changing and this time of year I look forward to looking out at my lovely landscape through clean windows.

When I was first married, I worked next to another newlywed who told me that she had summer and winter sheets and changed them out with the seasons. That seemed a bit much to me, but curtains are a different story.

I also vacuum each room and give it a quick dusting before I store the iron and ironing board.  Then, having finished my work, I give my husband a call and ask him to pick up a pizza and two salads.  After all, how can I be expected to make dinner after a day like that?

About an hour later, I hear the garage door rise and in walks hubby with a steaming hot pizza and crisp salads; a guilty pleasure well earned, I think.  After we eat, clean up the paper plates and napkins and throw out the pizza box, it’s time to watch the news in the den.  As my husband takes his seat in his favorite chair and I stretch out on the sofa, he usually takes a deep breath in and looks around.

“Wow, this room looks great!  Why does it look different?”

“I changed the curtains,” I say.

“Oh, that’s all?” he asks.

“Yep, that’s all.”