My wife had been involved in volunteering for many years when she asked me if I might be interested in it myself. 

Of course I want to give back to the community. I want to be a part of something that benefits something other than myself, and in doing so, possibly benefit myself.

Some volunteering options were out of the question. For instance, volunteering as a “big brother” would probably be a bad choice for me, since I have some lingering anger issues left over from being a “little brother.” In my house, if you got on the bad side of my brother, you could expect him to turn on the washing machine while you were taking a shower, resulting in storm conditions caused by freezing rain. 

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What about working with older people? Turns out that I AM older people, and people should be over here working with ME.

I became a volunteer usher at the Tarrytown Music Hall about eight years ago, and it has been a great choice. It combines my interests in history, music and being involved in somebody else’s community. I wouldn’t say that I’m now a full-fledged do-gooder, but it’s been a rewarding foray into the field of do-gooding. I was already an experienced usher, since I’ve been in a few wedding parties. This has gone even smoother, since I don’t have to dance with any bridesmaids, possibly injuring them.

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