For those of you who are too busy to watch the Winter Olympics this year, I have been covering the events for The Somers Record. It all started with the opening ceremonies, which, using complicated special effects and choreography, told the story of five Korean children who travel from the past to the future, learning of the country’s history and culture. They return to the present, where it is REALLY friggin’ cold.

Then there was the Parade of Nations, and this year Zambia, Zaire and Zimbabwe must have threatened to hit an IOC official over the head with a ball-peen hammer, because this year they did not enter in alphabetical order. Seeing all the young, good-looking athletes all together seems like a giant red carpet event. Two hundred seventy people wearing the same outfit! Who wore it better??

Then there were some songs, some speeches, some fireworks. The athlete representing the host country ran all the way up about a hundred flights of stairs to light the Olympic flame. He’s been running all the way across the country, so I guess he’s a cross-country runner, duh. He must really love the Games; I just hope the Games love him back. It seems like he’s been carrying a torch for the Olympics forever.

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