OK, we’re a month into the New Year and not only have I NOT lost weight, but I’ve put back on the three pounds I lost four weeks ago! Many people would be discouraged and throw in the towel at this point, but I would encourage you to reboot your program and start again, every morning if necessary. Losing weight, saving money or getting organized are about mindset.

First, you have to recognize that just like our bodies need a rest and reboot every night, so does our mindset. You need to think about your goals, adjust your settings and make a move toward getting there. I suggest doing it in baby steps.

As parents, we would not expect our babies to get up at 12 months of age and walk across the room. They need to practice and so do you when setting up and working toward your goals. First, you need to realize that something is not working and that you want to change. For instance, you may realize that you have not read your Sports Illustrated or Oprah magazine in months! Is this important to you? Does reading these magazines bring you joy?  If so, then decide when and where you are going to read them and then commit to getting it done by that deadline. Maybe that time is Saturday morning with your cup of tea or Friday night with that glass a wine. Figure out the specifics and then get it done.

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