My friend, Dorothy, is a retired Westchester politician whose brilliance is equaled by her kindness, helpfulness, and concern for the human race. She is as active as a Seasoned Citizen as she was in her earlier life.

I recently wrote an article requesting that governor Cuomo seriously consider making New York a daylight savings state. Dorothy told me yesterday that she had clipped my column from the Somers Record and sent it to the governor with a note of agreement.  

She is the kind of person who excels at everything. When I ran book sales for the Patterson library I could always count on Dorothy to work diligently with me and convince others to donate their time and effort, so perhaps her appeal to Mr. Cuomo will really encourage him to give us more light!  

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Pro-active people make the world go ‘round.  If we’re strong enough to follow through, almost anything can be accomplished.
I encourage you, my readers, to take risks…put yourselves out there and be amazed at what you can make happen.  
The Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, all risk takers.  Believe me, others had thought about electricity, horseless carriages, and flying above the clouds, but failed to go forward with their ideas.

When you see something you like or don’t like, speak up.  Only by sharing our thoughts can we accomplish our goals.  If we all wait for someone else to act, nothing will ever come to fruition. That’s why what my friend Dorothy did is so important.  She followed her instinct and made her voice heard.  If we follow her lead we can change the world!

Remember, you CAN fight city hall; you CAN imagine something into being, but only if you believe in yourself and the importance of every other individual.  WE make it happen, whether it’s day light savings time or world peace.  One voice becomes two, two become four, four become eight, until we multiply ourselves into so many that we must be heard.

Think of living as a game.  In order to win you must go face-to-face with life, challenge it, and don’t be afraid to lose once in a while.  

Failure is just proof that you’ve been brave enough  to try and makes the eventual winning much sweeter and even more satisfying.

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