I’m on my soap box again!  

The only time I ever thought about Joe Biden is when his veracity was questioned about a paper he wrote in college. He is a nice looking man, well spoken, and seemingly friendly (not my choice for president, but that’s another story).

I am appalled by the women accusing him of inappropriate touching…not today or last week or last month but many years ago when, to put one’s hand on the shoulder or back of a person of the opposite sex was not thought to be sexual. It was a gesture of empathy and understanding and friendship.  He’s not the first person to be accused after many decades but his accusers are so blatantly political that it’s a setback for all really abused women and men.

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I am a survivor. Between the ages of 5 and 6 a great uncle touched me inappropriately.  Also, having spent part of my life in theater, I know how many women traded favors for roles.  Not I.  Fortunately, my early trauma made me stronger not weaker and I had no fear in reporting any unwanted attention.  Unfortunately, most survivors respond differently and spend their entire lives trying to cope with something they were not responsible for in the first place.

The problem today is, in order to become part of the new women’s movement many women are interpreting innocent, friendly touching as sexually inspired…as with Mr. Biden. Isn’t what Mr. Clinton did more reprehensible?  Yet Mr. Clinton seems to be exonerated from close scrutiny and is still respected by many followers. The same goes for Franklin Roosevelt. History tells us he was an outrageous womanizer, but, like Clinton seems to be made of Teflon.  On the other hand Harry Truman and Richard Nixon are remember for many good and many questionable decisions in their political lives, but never praised for their fidelity to their wives and their respect for women in general.  Obviously being faithful is not worthy of notice or news coverage…too boring!

I care very much for anyone whose personal space has been invaded by someone trying to fulfill his/her own fantasies at the cost of another’s emotional life. Therefore, I beg my sisters to not put our cause and ourselves in jeopardy.
We have come very far in the last decade and must be diligent in keeping the momentum going…for the right reasons.  Women should have the freedom to do and be anything they want, not because they’re women but because they are capable of doing whatever and going wherever their calling takes them.

Therefore, don’t undermine Joe Biden by making spurious accusations because you want him out of the presidential race.  It’s petty, unfair, and outrageous and a virtual slap in the face to all honest survivors of trauma caused by real sexual predators.

For help please contact www.rainn.org (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network).