I’ve been pigging out lately on “Cinderella” movies: Maid In Manhattan, Pretty Woman, Ever After, Working Girl, Pride and Prejudice; and indulging in my secret vice of well written, beautifully acted, possible but improbable fairy tales.  My two favorite lines are ‘Once upon a time’ and ‘They lived happily ever after’.

There are moments in all our lives when fantasy becomes more important than reality; when ‘Stop the world, I want to get off’ becomes our mantra.  At those times losing ourselves in the promises of childhood can be very healing.  

I once heard it said that years ago we tried to be mad in a sane world while today we try to be sane in a mad world…kind of makes sense to me.

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That’s why escaping to fantasy for a while can be very therapeutic.  I like to call it the ‘Cinderella Syndrome,’ suspending reality for a while to live in a world where everything has a happy ending.  It’s good both physically and psychologically to take a break from all the vicissitudes of every day living and cloaking ourselves in the joy and magic of yesteryear.  

As children we believe in magic.  Beauty’s beast will turn into a prince; Rapunzel’s hair will be strong enough to support her rescuer; William and Harry will marry commoners…oh, wait, that really did happen so perhaps fantasy isn’t always as fantastic as we think!

I’d like to say that life can always be beautiful…it can’t, but part of living is to rise above our difficulties, learn to change what we can change, and accept and live with what we can’t.   Life is either a crap-shoot or what we make it.  If we believe in ourselves, soon everyone else will also;  if we give up and believe nothing will ever change, we’ll be stuck in a rut forever.  

Therefore, give in to your inner child.  Remember, you and the stars are made of the same stuff so, every once in a while, pig out on fantasy and, like the stars, sparkle.

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