From the time DeCicco & Sons opened in Brewster my husband Jason and I were immediate devotees. We drove from Patterson to enjoy the clean open aisles, the friendly knowledgeable sales people, the plethora of wonderful homemade delicacies, and shelves stocked with loads of brand-name items.

Jay and I loved to browse through the cheese department where choices were both exotic and delectable. Along with the cheeses my husband loved their homemade soups and I relished their authentic sashimi, their ready-to-eat foods and their many varieties of salads. Both of us enjoyed checking out the unbelievable beer choices and scrumptious bakery items available.

One of my favorite DeCicco & Sons memories is of a Thanksgiving cake that perfectly mimicked a roasted turkey surrounded by seasonal vegetables.

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The cake itself was moist and tasty, the filling sumptuous, and the frosting absolutely wicked!! It was finger licking good and the hit of our holiday dinner. And now my new home, Somers, is host to this wonderful emporium.

What a boon to customers, especially Seasoned Citizens, who may not wish to cook every night…just run out to DeCicco & Sons and bring home ready to eat delicious and nutritious dinners. Got a yen for shrimp or some other tasty seafood? There it is waiting for you, some already prepared and some to cook on your own. (Jason and I would pig out on cold jumbo shrimp dipped in spicy sauce once every week.)  Other supermarkets may offer similar fare, but I found the chefs at DeCicco & Sons to be extremely talented in both flavor and presentation.  

I just re-read what I wrote, and realized it might sound like a TV commercial.  I do not know nor have I ever met any of the DeCicco family. I speak only from the personal experience of shopping at some of their supermarkets…and compared to other markets found them to be really super!!

A DeCicco & Sons store becomes much more than food to its chosen community.  It becomes a meeting place;  a spot where people can relax, have a cup of coffee or glass of wine in a most congenial atmosphere. For me, personally, it is a chance to relive the hours Jason and I strolled their aisles and enjoyed “together time.”

Shoppers become an extended part of the DeCicco family…and what a special family they are.  Aside from pleasing their customers, I have learned that the DeCicco’s are engaged in many philanthropic activities.  They believe in giving back to the community and lending a helpful hand to those in need.

I bid you welcome, DeCicco & Sons, and much thanks for the memories.

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