Vik was one-year old on November 10.  She, if you remember, is the daughter of my grandson Chris and my wonderful granddaughter, Silvia, his wife, which makes Vik Amer-Asian, a combination of Hong Kong and New Jersey!

It’s time like these that makes us ponder how quickly pass the years.  Did you ever try to count the seconds in a minute?

Sometimes it seems eternal until you suddenly realize that 10 minutes have flown by and you have never even noticed.  From a cute little bundle of protoplasm to a walking talking thinking individual in only 365 days (gives real meaning to ‘what a difference a day makes’).  

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Vik’s cousin, Dylan, son of Chris’ brother Adric and his excellent wife Jacque, is 19 months and loves playing with what he calls ‘the baby’.  In just the 7 short months between them, Dylan has developed a very protective attitude toward Vik and sees her, not as an equal, but as someone to be nurtured and cared for.  Amazing how and what we learn in the first few years of our lives!

As a Seasoned Citizen looking back I see so clearly things I missed seeing when they happened.  The little nuances, words ignored that should have been heard, facial expressions lost in the hubbub of day to day living.  We look at each other but we don’t see each other;  we listen to the words, but don’t hear the hidden implications; we float through life, but never have time to stop and look at what we’re doing.  We’re human!

Only as a lone Seasoned Citizen do we have time to contemplate and wonder and, at times, regret.  I say ‘lone’ because if Jason were still with me we’d be living day to day without stopping to notice  …. that’s how life is lived.  Poets try to tell us, but how many of us read poetry…and sometimes the poetry is too obtuse for us to understand.

Vik and Dylan will grow up, grow old, and look back as I do.  They, too, will remember some of the things they missed seeing, so perhaps this is the duty of a Seasoned Citizen:  to tell people it may be too late to change what we didn’t do but to remember, with love, all the wonderful things we did.

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