We could never understand why my mother-in-law, Jennie, had so many rolls of toilet paper stashed in her closet.  We always laughed at why Grandma needed to stock-pile that particular item.   Did she think that someday there might be a shortage?...and then recently I had an epiphany.  

Jennie’s generation went religiously to the ‘beauty parlor’ once a week for a ‘wash and set’.  To make sure her hair style stayed fresh and neat, she and many of her contemporaries wrapped their heads in bathroom tissue every night to keep their coifs from moving out of place.  Probably took about a roll a night to insure a week’s worth!  

I remembered this recently because Target had accidently doubled my toilet paper order, but I have no hair style to preserve!

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Last week my daughter, Ilene, brought me a vanilla thick shake and once again it tickled my memory.  Many years ago a new ice cream was developed in Boston by someone named ‘Steve’.  Steve’s Ice Cream became extremely popular there. My husband, Jason, a real ice cream aficionado decided we had to try some.  Very early one Saturday morning he woke us up and off we drove to Boston for an ice cream cone!  The only plan we had was to find a ‘Steve’s’ and taste his special recipe, but once in Boston we also visited the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, had a wonderful lobster dinner at Legal’s and finally, to top it off, an authentic Steve’s dessert.  Of course, when asked why we had gone to Boston, we always answered with the truth, “For an ice cream cone!”

Spur of the moment epiphanies or remembrances are what make life fun.  Each day is made special by the seemingly, unimportant occurrences that, in the end, become the most important.

I remember two days that seemed, at the time, just regular days of the week, but I know now how very special they were.  I bring them to life again and again to remind me of a time when I felt very happy and carefree. 

Jason and I were at the Christmas Tree Shoppe, one of our favorite haunts for bargains.  We had found a large vat containing oversized serving pieces (forks, spoons) in pewter.  Every time my husband reached down he came up with exactly what I was looking for;  every time I looked, I found nothing.  “What would you do without me?” Jason laughed, and I didn’t know until now the way those simple words would affect me…although, even then, I felt a jolt within my heart, a portent of things to come.  Now they loom large in my memory and I know the answer…survive yes, live no.

The best ‘unimportant day’ recollection is one I like to call up as often as possible.  It was a Sunday.  We had spent the time doing nothing exciting…reading the paper, talking, just another quiet weekend.  But then there we were, standing in the middle of the kitchen, our arms around each other and laughing to beat the band.  I don’t remember what we were laughing at, but it seemed to go on forever.  We were so close physically, mentally, emotionally, the way all people in love should feel, and I share that memory with myself over and over and over.   The sound of his laughter, the warmth of his arms encircling me, all the joys of a lifetime in a single ‘unimportant’ moment. 

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