Be careful what you wish for…you might get it!  

I heard recently that a group of citizens in the town of Harrison is challenging an approved 148-unit senior (seasoned) citizen home. The builders have tried to appease these dissenters by reducing the original size of the project, which is to be built on an unused granite quarry.  

I question their challenge because when I was a very young child, we lived in a community of beautiful single family houses. Located at the end of the street was what was then known as a “home for the aged.” It did not distract from our privacy but rather gave us the opportunity to interact with people of an advanced age. We children enjoyed listening to their stories and they enjoyed watching us play. Our community was so involved with this institution that my mother, discovering they needed a piano, took a group of these seasoned citizens on to the TV show “Strike It Rich.”  Not only did they win a piano, but money with which to purchase other items. When the prizes arrived, the entire neighborhood joined them at a wonderful party to celebrate their victory.

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Seasoned Citizens have come a long way since then. Instead of starting families in our twenties, we are marrying later and becoming parents in our thirties and forties. Instead of retiring at 65, science has shown us the way to be productive and healthy for longer periods.

The digital age has freed us from spending tedious hours doing research and given us the ability to have instant results, so learning has really become a life-long process.  Therefore, starting later means living longer…if you’re lucky!
Becoming a Seasoned Citizen is definitely more gratifying than the alternative and, thanks to good nutrition and soap, you will all wake up one morning to find you are no longer 30 or 40 or 50 but 75! Where did the years go, you’ll wonder, because it really does sneak up on us.  

Therefore, I’m asking the group that challenged this development to open its eyes and see that in a shorter time than they care to believe, Seasoned Citizenry will be upon them.  Don’t alienate people from your community because time has used them physically. Their minds can remain as fresh and productive as ever. They retain the capacity to learn and teach and function in this new and exciting era…and, as I said earlier, if you’re lucky, you’ll get there, too!
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