My son-in-law and I do not always agree politically. If we didn’t see eye-to-eye on ice cream flavors or music or schools of art or the virtues of being left brained or right brained we could debate the subject for hours without animosity creeping in to sabotage our conversation.  

The three most chaotic subjects to debate are politics, religion, and abortion. People’s convictions are so deep, so entrenched, that they begin to despise their opponent…not only their opponent’s beliefs but their opponent him/herself.  Is it not possible to differ with people and still respect their right to express a point of view?   

From my vantage point as a Seasoned Citizen, I wonder why, when we can’t change someone’s mind on certain subjects we take it as a personal affront.  

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Francois Voltaire said, “God is a comedian playing to an audience that is afraid to laugh.” That’s us! If you don’t agree with someone, just smile and change the subject!

We have the freedom, in our wonderful country, to express ourselves right or wrong. Your right may be someone’s wrong, but it’s that person’s privilege to believe that he/she is right. I was devastated when my son-in-law left after our political discussion. Not because we disagreed, but because he was so angry at what he thought was my challenging him. He had backed up his theories by showing me news clips and I maintained that it all depended upon which channel you watched or which paper you read.  

We used to have newspapers and newscasters who just reported happenings with no side comments. Now, especially on the internet, everyone is an analyst, offering personal or corporate opinions to try and color our thinking.  This creates skeptics, like myself, who then take everything we hear with a big grain of salt.  

My son-in-law thought I was questioning his veracity so, without meaning to, I hurt his feelings.  I had no intention of doing so because he is very dear to me. Whether I share some of his beliefs is totally unimportant in our day to day relationship and at this point the best thing we can do is agree to disagree and move forward.  

As for our politicians, our news analysts, and pedantic people in general, I have six words:  A POX ON ALL THEIR HOUSES! 
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