I’ve just read an article stating that some of our ancestors were rats. Well, that’s not surprising...many of them are still with us, except they now have two arms, two legs and no tail! We meet them in business, politics, and even romantically. They burrow, insidiously, into our lives, causing us to question our best interests and make us wonder if right is right and wrong is wrong.

Evolution is interesting because some of us seem to have evolved faster than others. Unfortunately, there are people still functioning on a Cro-Magnon level, which makes reasoning with them almost impossible, and the “rats” take advantage of our differences, encouraging fear and suspicion in an already divided society.

Interestingly, these “rats” usually come from the more educated and knowledgeable groups, using their teeth and claws to eviscerate understanding and enhance the differences between us in order to elevate their own positions. Rather than point out our similarities, “rats” resort to using mob violence and fiery words to alienate and divide us even more.

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In business, they pit the have-nots against the haves; in politics, party against party; and in romance, they’re just out for what they can get...in essence, “rats.”

How can we eliminate them? We can’t, but we can recognize them for what they are and do our best to trap them in their own snares. We must not be afraid to challenge “rats” and expose their motives.

Every generation has spawned vermin and tyrants. If we hadn’t unmasked them, we would not have survived, but survive we have.

Present day “rats,” as always, thrive on fear and strife, so we must continue to de-fang and de-claw them and learn to live together in a civil society. Not an easy task, but one to strive for, giving hope and incentive to future generations, ensuring that there will, indeed, be a future.

Adrienne Kavelle can be reached at ergosum1@comcast.net.