I had an interesting conversation with my eldest daughter the day after our almost ides of March snowstorm hit. She was back at school waiting for her students to arrive, and I suggested it might have been beneficial to have had another snow day.

Lisa was adamant. Schools and businesses must continue to function, she said, especially in today’s world, where since everything changes so quickly, it would be difficult for her to catch up and reschedule lesson plans, and for companies to reschedule business projects.

Would the world really end if everything closed down for 24 hours? I think not. From the vantage point of Seasoned Citizenry, my outlook is a little more laid back, more relaxed. We humans tend to take ourselves and our lives too seriously.

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In Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town,” we learn that re-living even the most ordinary day would be surprisingly wonderful. The trouble is that while we live them we can’t really see them. Still, in my estimation, we make too many special days and not enough days special.

I know intellectually that we cannot live each moment of our lives with the greatest intensity because then we wouldn’t be living life, we’d be observing it.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if every once in a while we could just step back and see ourselves from a non-judgmental distance? To understand how every moment we live is special and beautiful. 

That’s one of the rewards of being a Seasoned Citizen. We no longer take ourselves so darned seriously and know if we cannot accomplish our goals today, there’s always tomorrow... and if there isn’t, well, who cares?!

Adrienne Kavelle is a published writer and poet. She was a trustee of the Patterson Library, served as March of Dimes chairman for the city of Yonkers and, as a founding member of the Clergy and Laity of Yonkers, she was instrumental in innovating the Yonkers Exceptional Child PTA. As a freelancer, she wrote a six-part series, “Children in the Shadows,” for the Gannett newspapers, which was subsequently read into the Congressional Record by Rep. Richard Ottinger. She can be reached at AKL.seasonedcitizen@gmail.com.