The best thing about being a Seasoned Citizen is that you can speak your mind with impunity. Others will either listen to you or cluck their tongues and think you’ve “lost it.” Either way it doesn’t matter because you’ve made your point. Young people fear being ostracized or unfriended; middle agers feel that maintaining status quo won’t rock the boat and make them vulnerable to derision. Voltaire said it best: “It is dangerous to be right when all contemporary authorities are wrong.” Seasoned Citizens are exempt from such thinking. We have lived long enough to see how wrong political correctness can be. This is not to say that one should be rude and hurtful. Seasoned Citizens have learned to discriminate between what is acceptable and what is not; between humor and meanness; between right and wrong. By the way, discriminate is not a bad word. It means to discern, to recognize differences. In order to be negative you need to add AGAINST eg. discriminate against. This, Seasoned Citizens can understand, knowing how young people, doctors, sales clerks, and others discriminate AGAINST them, yet still accept that being discriminating is not evil. Political correctness is nothing more than George Orwell’s 1984 newspeak, where some words are so ambiguous they lose their original meaning. I once used the perfectly good description of my great granddaughter, Vik, as being Amer-Asian which, according to Webster, means one whose mother is Asian and father American. It was changed to read Asian-American which has a totally different meaning…perhaps Amer-Asian was thought to be politically incorrect. We’ve become so frightened of being called biased that we lean over backwards until everything we say has lost its meaning and become bland. Soon we will eliminate ‘he’ and ‘she’ and say “it.” That, some think, will make the sexes equal! How can one discriminate AGAINST “it?” Thanksgiving will be ruled “Turkey Day,” because if we give thanks it is to a deity and some will be offended. Independence Day will become “Fireworks Day,” because independence connotes not seeking others for their opinions…remember we must be even handed. Changing a word does not change its meaning. Deaf and blind have been revised to hearing and vision impaired. Were deaf and blind prejudiced words or just descriptions of conditions? People no longer use the word “gay” to describe a happy time. Somehow, they are afraid to say they are “gay.” Isn’t THAT being judgmental? This happens to be “Gay Pride Month,” so being gay and being Gay are synonymous. Toujour gai! In our country December 25 is celebrated as both a religious and secular holiday. To the religious it is a holy day; to the rest it is a celebration of life and love. I still say “Merry Christmas.” “Happy Holidays” to me is empty and sterile. If my friends are observing Hanukkah, I say “Happy Hanukkah.” If people are offended by this, well, I’m a Seasoned Citizen and, perhaps like an old dog, I can’t be taught new tricks. Contact Adrienne at