Vanessa at CVS in Somers; Mike at Inogen; Chester at UPS; Susan and Mary at Community Pharmacy in Brewster; any representative at
All of the above names and companies have something very important in common: they care about people.  

In this day and age when everything is done electronically and it’s almost impossible to find a human ear to hear you, they do still exist.  Not everyone has a cavalier attitude toward those who need help.  There are still caring people who listen and do all they can to be of service.  Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.  Call a doctor’s office and you get about 9 numbers from which to choose.  None, of course, can answer your question so you finally learn to press “9” for an attendant.  After waiting the ten or fifteen minutes while “all attendants are talking to other patients”, a human being hears your question and tells you, “Only the doctor can help you…call back tomorrow.”  

My sister, Nelle, had an interesting experience the other day.  She had taken her car into the dealer for a check-up and a NY State inspection.  When the car was ready they called and told her to pick it up.  As she was driving home she realized the old sticker had not been changed.  Although she had all the paper work stating her car had passed inspection she still had to surrender it to them again for another inspection because the documents and sticker must have coordinating numbers.  How can one do an inspection, not remove the old label and replace it with a new one?  They certainly remembered to call and say she needed new rear brake pads and rotors.  THAT they didn’t forget.  The indifference to my sister’s inconvenience is, unfortunately, indicative of many companies and practices.  How did they end the job without finishing it?  Where is the pride we used to take in a job well done?

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Enough.  Let’s get back to positive thinking.  Anthony and Brendan at Heritage Hills Security are two good examples.  They exude kindness and caring; Evan, a young members of Somer’s Volunteer Fire Department (EMT), is equally conscientious.  They make you feel important, even if your question is a simple one.  Sometimes Seasoned Citizens just need a little reassurance and I’m happy to report that there are kind and gentle human beings willing to be there for us.  People we can count on in this electronic world; people who use words to comfort and are not afraid to show sentimentality.  They are the REAL angels amongst us.

Edwin Markham said it best:  “There is a destiny that makes us brothers, none goes his way alone.  All that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own.”

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