Thanks to New York State Electric & Gas and Mother Nature, I spent last week in New Jersey at my daughter Lisa’s home. Her sister and brother-in-law, Ilene and Curtis, drove me there on Saturday, then went back to Somers on Sunday, March 4.

Although I dislike talking about my health, the main reason I was in New Jersey is because I sometimes use oxygen and the machine needs electricity to function. I thought my stay would be shorter, but now they’re predicting another storm to hit the Eastern Coast. I had to leave Pyewacket and Stanley home, but Ilene is taking care of their needs. 

Lisa and her husband, Schuyler, are both at work and I’m alone…well, not exactly. The front door just opened and the dog walker came in. Wasn’t expecting her, but at least I don’t have to do the honors myself.

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I’m not a person who enjoys visiting for more than an evening or an afternoon. I’d like to be home among my own things and especially with my cats. I’m extremely grateful to my children for their care and nurture, but I do miss my independence. Also, I didn’t bring enough clothing with me for a lengthy visit, or makeup, perfume and everything else I use to make me “me.”

Change is difficult at any time, but even more so for lone seasoned citizens. If Jay were here, we’d probably joke around and laugh at how ludicrous the situation is, but he’s not. It’s sad that without him I can’t see the silliness of the predicament, only the trauma. Right now the sun is shining strong and hot in this lovely room. I see deer and squirrels on the patio through the glass doors, but I can see them at home, also.

This is not a complaint but a comment on how nature can suddenly throw a monkey wrench into one’s complacent style of living. I realize the only thing we can always count on is change; I know we need to “roll with the punches,” “accept everything life hands us,” “keep a stiff upper lip” and “keep on smiling.” Adages are great, but tell me, how does one smile with a stiff upper lip?!

Here, now, is a message for New York State Electric & Gas. I know you have a very hard job and how many customers you need to please, but can you tell me why Heritage Hills is hit so often with outages? Is the infrastructure so poor that we are more vulnerable than other parts of Somers? I’m not questioning this particular crisis…it’s an anomaly and not anyone’s fault. Mother Nature likes to play tricks, probably to test our flexibility, but what was the problem Christmas morning? No storm, no wind, no fallen trees…isn’t there something you can do to alleviate the problem?

Funny thing is, I used to love storms: the majesty of thunder and lightning; the realization that nature is still in charge and we are simply pawns to her machinations.  Egocentricity aside, human beings must still answer to the greater power of natural occurrences, showing us who’s boss around here! At these times we learn we are no more than grains of sand, existing for a time then blown away by natural, constantly changing forces.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?  Why do we fight each other when nature, on a whim, can send us all to “kingdom come!”