At 5 p.m. on December 31 the drain in my bathroom sink got stuck. Couldn’t do it on the 30th or wait until January 2nd…no…it chose New Year’s Eve (when no one is available) to stop working. Must have been year end pixies because one minute it was fine and the next flattened against the sink, immovable.  I tried prying it up, but to no avail.  I then called my neighbor John, my son, and my grandson.  Between the three of them the drain was dislodged and lifted out to the sink…but no matter how they tried, it wouldn’t go back in.  

Of course I’ll need a plumber, but certainly not on New Year’s Eve or January 1st.  Hopefully, I can keep it covered and not lose anything down the gaping hole.  

Inanimate objects have a way of dismantling themselves at the most inappropriate moments.  Your wonderful oven, loyal for years and years, chooses Thanksgiving Day to stop heating.  The grand party you planned for months and months, stocking the freezer with delicious temptations, and the fridge with platters of scrumptious delicacies, comes to an abrupt halt when your faithful cooler decides to break down the day before.  This necessitates calling all your neighbors in to eat the stuff up before it spoils.  Goodbye guests, hello neighbors.

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I once went away for three days and returning needed Noah’s Ark to navigate a double flood.  My water heater gave up the ghost and a pipe under the kitchen sink burst.  No one was home; no human hand had touched any part of the heater or the sink…they obviously have minds of their own.  It was definitely the revolt of the machines!

This generation is making machines stronger and even more independent of human intervention.  Robotic everything from voting mechanisms to automobiles to floor cleaners.  We’ve even succeeded, in some cases, making them think for themselves…a dire mistake in my estimation.  

Human beings will become lazy and eventually obsolete.  Instead of “The Planet of the Apes” we will become the “the computerized planet”, relying on inanimate objects to do our thinking for us.  Repair people and manufacturers will be put out of work as we train our machines to mend themselves and recreate on their own.  Our lives will be at the mercy of mechanized units who never loved us in the past and will soon be stronger than we mere mortals.

Be careful what you wish for.  It may be easy to chew but very hard to swallow.

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