This year I was late in setting up my deck. Call it procrastination, muggy weather or whatever excuse, I finally got to it last week. With help from son, George, we set up the outdoor dining table and chairs; he methodically placed the flower boxes on the railing: “they have to be evenly spaced!”

We did have a concern: what about the nest the sweet little birds had built under the awning? We could see it, but not into it. I hadn’t seen any “bird activity” in several weeks.  Watching these little birds had been fascinating and inspiring; however, it caused a dilemma of sorts for me.  Last spring on a very warm and sunny day, I decided to slide open the awning a few feet to shade and cool the living room.  As I did so, a soft object fell on to the deck.  I quickly ran out to see what had fallen.  To my dismay and sadness, it was a nest with a newly hatched baby bird who hadn’t survived.  There were white shells in the nest and on the deck.

 For days, I nursed a broken heart.  I felt so responsible for this little creature; I sure didn’t want a repeat performance this year.
We rolled out the awning and George gently pushed the nest with a broom and lowered it on to the deck.  We were overjoyed:  It was empty, no little birds or egg shells; Momma’s birds had safely fled the nest! As an aside:  the satellite dish on the railing has become a perch for a brilliantly colored cardinal.  Can this be Mom checking up on me?  Hmmm…

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I have since planted geraniums and marigolds in the flower boxes and added some other brightly colored flowers in individual planters.  My reward?  Sitting on the deck in the morning solitude with a cup of coffee, alone with my thoughts and prayers—sort of like a therapy session.  My dad often said:  “quiet can sometimes be loud” and he was right.  Kind of like hearing the snow fall on a very still evening—now I’m getting too far ahead of myself!

I made a promise for next year: Get deck set up Memorial Day weekend and enjoy all the months of summer!  May even add a couple more window boxes—evenly spaced, of course. Sounds good to me!