Sometimes life gets a stranglehold on you and you need to physically get away. Oh, yes, those problems/issues will still be there when you return, but somehow the batteries are recharged, your mind feels lighter and you’re in a better place.  So, it was with me this past week.

I wrote this column while visiting Matt and Helen in Florida.  Matt took the week off so he and I had great quality time.  When Helen came home from work, we’d have a nice dinner and continue our catching up, watch the Miami Heat or Yankees.

I was especially thankful to be here because Matt had his first stress test after having a stent inserted a few months ago.  He “aced” the test and will get the results early next week.  He looks  healthy and feels good.  I pray all will be well.

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The other morning, it was sunny, breezy and on the cool side.  I took my mug of coffee and went out on the front deck; Matt was replacing headlamp and brake lights in Helen’s truck and I sat down in a comfy chair, put my feet up and enjoyed the sun and the little back-and-forth chats with my son.

 Resident doggies Doak and Bruce Wayne were asleep at my feet—some security detail!  At one point, Matt went indoors and suddenly I was listening to the Eagles’ playlist from the speakers on the deck.  They are my favorite group and for those 2 hours, all was right with the world and I really felt at peace.

One evening we had dinner with Tim and Tracy and friends on their lanai.  Eats were delicious and there were tons of jokes and laughter.  This couple are very close to Matt and Helen; I’ve known them for years and they are part of my family.

So, my friends, I return to Somers feeling more positive and with a lighter heart.  With help, blessings and good wishes from my loved ones at home and Florida, I go full speed ahead and grab my life by the tail and make decisions and choices to move forward.  This should be one heckuva ride!  All good thoughts are welcome!