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A light, but, no tunnel

Every now and then, life unexpectedly throws you a curveball.  While vacationing at my brother’s in California, that ball just about whizzed over my head had it not been for Jack and Patti.

My nocturnal oxygen therapy continued without interruption during my travel to Florida in April and recently to the Golden State.

The surgical supply company has satellite offices all over the ...

A few thoughts

A few thoughts are about all I can rally before I get a severe headache. I’ve never been a particularly political person. I’ve voted Republican, I’ve voted Democrat, and I’ve voted third-party. I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid overt politics here, other than to make a joke or two that I couldn’t resist.

This week’s column is not meant to be funny, ...

Comedy? of errors

I caught a cold.  For years I have tried to avoid catching cold by “air kissing” friends and staying away from sniffling people.

There is a reason for my being so diligent.  Everybody has something and my “Achilles’ heel” is bronchiectasis (look it up in an old fashioned dictionary…not on Google), which is something I’ve had all my life.

Marketing in the Great Outdoors

As a marketer, under APAR/PR, and as a private citizen, I come across promotional efforts by local organizations and individuals that cry out for help. Of course, non-profits count on donations and other groups solicit support of all kinds. What I mean in this case, though, is that the marketing materials themselves could use some help to improve the desired results.

To that end, let’s ...

Doggone, That’s a Lot of Dog Hair

We have a big dog. A very big, very white, very hairy dog. Much as we love him to pieces, the big white hairy dog has one down side. The big white hairy dog sheds like a Yeti. Of course, this isn’t a problem if you live in an igloo, or you have someone you dislike you can invite over who’s allergic to dog hair, or you’re someone who likes to knit with dog fur. However, since I ...