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‘I’m Blanche, Blanche Devereaux!’

For a number of years, folks told me I strongly resembled actress Rue McClanahan—certainly not so much these days!  I never could see the resemblance but apparently enough people did.  Rue McClanahan, of course was Blanche Devereaux, the man-eating Southern belle in “The Golden Girls,” which aired from 1985 to 1992.

Back in the late 80s, my friends Shirlie and ...

Big game hunting

We host a Super Bowl party every year, only I can’t say the words “Super Bowl” because I could be accused of trademark infringement. I’ve never knowingly infringed upon anything in my life and I’m afraid I’ll get caught red-handed one of these days. “Hey YOU- what are you doing over there at the edge of that thing?” “Who, me? Nothing.” ...


Addiction to drugs, legal or illegal, has become a physical, psychological, and political problem in not only our country, but throughout the world.

When doctors prescribe an opiate to alleviate pain they are practicing the Hippocratic Oath of not allowing people to suffer.  Pain is hard to bear, and, being human, we look to our physicians to set us free.  But, when the cure becomes ...

Generation Next

Some years ago, in a social setting, a philosophical question was put to me. It came, appropriately enough, from a clergyman. He asked me how I felt about evil. I felt I was put on the spot, and took the easy way out. I quickly replied with what I thought was the somewhat obvious answer: without evil, how would we know what is good?

The man of faith responded as I gave him the right answer. As ...

Knuckling Under

“Ow!” I said as I went to lift the pan off the stovetop.

“What’s ow,” asked my husband, glancing over from the kitchen counter where he was working.

“I hurt my hand yesterday,” I said, massaging the area of my hand where my first and second finger met. “I think I sprained a knuckle.”

He gave me that look.

“I don’t think ...