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My journey back to me...

Sometimes as you travel through life, you hit bumps and pot holes on the road.  Then one day, an incident  blows everything sky high and there you are, helpless and wondering what is the next step.  So it went with George, Jr.,  a few days before Thanksgiving last year:

My phone rang early one morning; it was my oldest son.

“Mom,” he said in a shaky voice, ...

Pronoun Management

They are out there living among us, and you may not even know they exist. And that’s because you always thought that they were him or her, but now they are they. How did this happen? It happened because since the beginning of time, society has told us that little boys are made of “snips and snails and puppy dogs’ tails.” And since the beginning of time, there have been ...

Life Through a Window

My computer room window faces a thick wooded area where day by day I can see the seasons change.  They seem to run into each other faster lately, spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter, and back again.  

Spring is, of course, my favorite.  The sun has a special glow and the budding trees seem to smile as they fill in and become sumptuous.  Lisa, our first child, ...

Sportsunlike Conduct

“Youth league umpire walks off the field after parents continuously berate him”

That was the headline of a recent story in USA Today.

In an accompanying video of the incident, the umpire says to the temper-tantrum parents, “If you want to have a game here, quiet down.”

One parent admonishes the umpire to “stay professional for the kids and just do your ...