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Humans caring for feathered friends

I enjoy receiving feedback on my columns whether by email or meeting a reader at the pharmacy or post office.  I especially love hearing how they relate to what I’ve written.

Not too long ago I wrote that son, George, and I had set up the outdoor furniture on the deck.  We were oh so careful about opening the awning since a sweet Momma bird had built her nest on one of the ...

New Hope for an Old Traveler

As a public service to my readers I like to go to a place I’ve never been before, spend a couple days, see the sights and file a full report so you can decide for yourself if you want to go there. And since I’m not there any more, this would be a great opportunity for you to go. This time we visited New Hope, a quaint and historic borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, less than three ...

No running water and other inconveniences

We take so much for granted.  Stocked shelves in grocery stores, full pumps at the gas station, electricity (lights, heat, air conditioning, television), running water (to quench thirst, to shower in, to wash dishes).  

This morning I tried to brush my teeth and found just a trickle of H2O coming through the faucet.  When I lived in Putnam we had well water so, if the ...

Do One Hard Thing Every Day

Do one hard thing every day. Somedays that may just mean getting up from the couch without using your arms! Other days you may be ready for a bigger challenge, something you may define as “hard” like cleaning out a closet or weeding out your filing cabinet. Researcher Angela Duckworth writes about this in her book “Grit.” Her research reveals that “that the secret to ...

Stephen Sondheim, Meet Stephen Schaefer

To a music lover scanning the list of American standards to be heard later this month at “Symphony at the Seashore” in Cape Cod, most of the composers are instantly recognizable.

Who doesn’t know George Gershwin, or marching band maestro John Philip Sousa, or country music’s Lee Greenwood, or national anthem author Francis Scott Key?

Among the marquee names, however, ...

The Esophagus Among Us

“You have an incompetent esophagus,” said my gastroenterologist.

“What?” I replied. “I’ve never had an incompetent anything in my life.”

I was appalled that someone would pass judgement on me like that. OK, maybe not on ME, but a part of me. And a part of me that I really had no control over, to boot. In general, I’m an overachiever. I hand ...