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Primrose and SIS Kids Win Big with WizFit Challenge

May 9, 2021

SOMERS, N.Y. - In a pandemic year when events were canceled, it has been an especially hard struggle for most non-profit organizations to operate in their traditional way, with in-person fundraising events comprising most of their income. This has certainly been true for the Somers Education Foundation (SEF), which is now in its 27th year.

 One of our beloved events is the Harlem Wizards ...

Hudson Valley Blues Society Returns to the Stage

SOMERS, N.Y. - The pandemic silenced many live performances for well over a year and audiences who delight in drama, musicals or hearing musicians strut their stuff have been notably deprived. 

Among those unable to hold their in-person R&B and Blues jam sessions were members of the Hudson Valley Blues Society. Last Wednesday night ended the group’s long silent spell when jammed ...

A Tree Grows in Somers

SOMERS, N.Y. - On April’s last blustery day, a band of Somers tree lovers took shovel in hand to plant a symbol of the town’s appreciation of its past and its hopes for the future.

It may not look like much of anything now, but someday that skinny, leafless stick will be a tall, shady oak gracing the side yard of the old Reynolds Homestead.

The 19th-century farmhouse is being ...


SOMERS, N.Y. - “I was always just tapping on my desk at school,” explains Taylor Setterstrom. 

The Somers High School senior is currently participating in the tenth annual Hit Like A Girl contest. The event is an international competition for female drummers, percussionists, and beat makers.

For the past decade, Hit Like A Girl has aimed to encourage and showcase drumming ...

Clever Contraption Baffles Beavers

SOMERS, N.Y. - Keeping flooding from harming precious natural resources and manmade infrastructure has kept some local folks busy as, well, beavers.

The Somers Land Trust has been battling the buck-toothed rodents’ dam-building at Angle Fly Preserve and Rhinoceros Creek Reservation for what seems like forever. As soon as its volunteers tear the mud-and-branch structures down, the ...

Somers Lions Launch SOMERS CARES

SOMERS, N.Y. - We care, you care, together we can make it work.

Recently, SOMERS CARES was launched with seed money contributed by the Somers Lions membership. These funds were NOT the donations or fundraising proceeds normally used by our charitable foundation.

The money was donated by the generous spirit of our members to foster a community based foundation. The plan is to have SOMERS ...

Kicks for a Cause

SOMERS, N.Y. - At only 12 years old, Sierra Deodhari is no stranger to hard work and the success that comes along with it. 

A practitioner of Shito Ryu Karate, Sierra has competed in regional, national, and international events since 2014. Among numerous other accolades, she won a gold medal at the USA Karate National Championships in 2019. Her goal is to represent the United States as a ...

Somers Celebrates World Circus Day

SOMERS, N.Y. - Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages.

Said to be the most endearing and enduring introduction in entertainment, those seven little words never fail to thrill circus-goers and ringmasters alike.

It’s always a big deal when traveling spectacles come to town with their death-defying daredevils, sword swallowers, clowns and, of course, lions, tigers, and ...

Community Remembers St. Joseph's

SOMERS, N.Y. - Biblically speaking, a church isn’t its bricks and mortar or, in the case of St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Somers, its wood and 19th century stained-glass.

It’s not the place people go to, but the people themselves, a body of believers, a spiritual family. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that a few tears haven’t been shed over the recent razing of ...

An artist at heart

“I’ve always considered myself an artist,” says Leslie Bijoux. 

The Somers resident is preparing to take part in the “Together apART” exhibit when ArtsWestchester reopens their gallery next month. Ms. Bijoux will be one of 224 Hudson Valley artists who will showcase work created during the pandemic. However, her journey as an artist began long before ...


TAP Into Another Town's News:

TAP Into Another Town's News:

Remote Possibilities Not So Remote

What would the hit TV series “The Office” look like if it was premiering today? (Odds are there will be a series, whether a revival of that series or a copycat, capturing the new zeitgeist of the post-pandemic workplace.)

COVID-19 has left a lasting impact on all facets of our lives that is unprecedented in modern times. Because of the shift to remote work, a significantly higher ...

Fighting Fatigue: How To Sleep Better And Longer

Getting a good night’s sleep plays a vital role in your overall health. Sleeping recharges your body and brain to help prepare and energize you for each new day. On the other hand, sleep deprivation can cause a slew of problems, including memory issues and an increased risk for car accidents.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults aged 26-64 need seven to nine hours of sleep ...

Understanding SPF for Healthy Summer Skin

As we head outside to take advantage of the warmer weather, skincare and sun safety should be top priorities. While the sun’s rays provide countless benefits, the ultraviolet (or UV) components of sunlight are damaging to our skin. A sunburn from overexposure isn’t just temporarily painful - the UV rays that cause a burn are doing long-term damage to your skin cells that’s ...

Celebrating Mother’s Day: 4 Ways to Make Mom Feel Special

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to tell the caregivers in your life how special they are. By highlighting Mom’s favorite things in your celebrations, you’ll be able to shine a light on everything unique about her. If you’re looking for interesting ways to host a Mother’s Day celebration for a group, big or small, here are four memorable events that will leave Mom ...

4 Unique and Meaningful Ways to Decorate for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s time to think about decorations that will brighten up your home as well as show Mom that she’s a unique, valued person in your family. With a few simple touches, it’s easy to create meaningful decorations that highlight the things that she loves best. Here are four great ways to add some color and style to Mom’s favorite ...

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital Launches Neurorehabilitation Gym

April 27, 2021

-Inpatient facility offers multi-disciplinary approach to therapy and healing-

White Plains, NY, April 21, 2021: Burke Rehabilitation Hospital announced the launch of a new inpatient neurorehabilitation gym designed to facilitate an innovative multi-disciplinary approach to therapy. The expanded facility enables the entire rehabilitation team to treat the patient in the same space, ...

Is now the time to gift your commercial real-estate holdings?

As has been well documented, the current federal estate and gift tax exemption of $11.7 million per person is scheduled to sunset (expire) on Dec. 31, 2025.

Unless the current exemption is made permanent on or before Dec. 31, 2025 (which is highly unlikely because of the present political environment in Washington), on Jan. 1, 2026, the new federal estate and gift tax exemption will be ...