Republican Donna Pascucci is hoping to be the first female justice in Somers.

She was not endorsed by either Democrats or Republicans last week as the parties announced their picks for local races. 

Somers Democrats and Republicans jointly backed re-election bids for Councilmen Tom Garrity (Republican) and Richard Clinchy (Democrat) and Town Clerk Patricia Kalba (Republican).

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Additionally, both groups endorsed Nick DeVito for highway superintendent. Highway Superintendent Thomas Chiaverini is not running for re-election.

Republicans put their weight behind Town Justices Denis Timone and Michael McDermott for re-election and Supervisor Rick Morrissey for another term. The Somers Democratic Town Committee is not running judicial candidates or a supervisor candidate.

In a statement, Pascucci said she did not expect to get the Republican endorsement. 

“Political endorsements are just that, political, and all too often skewed towards incumbents whose time has long passed. I will bring my candidacy directly to the people,” Pascucci said. “I know from both my own personal experience and the scores of Somers residents who have reached out to encourage me to seek the office of town justice that there is a defined need for an equal and balanced approach in the courtroom. I will bring honesty, integrity and fairness to the people so they have absolute trust in the judiciary that is charged with providing checks and balances to a world all too often filled with politics.”

McDermott and Timone thanked the Republicans for backing their runs for another term.

“The Somers Town Republican Committee is very excited about our candidates for town and county elections,” said Somers GOP Chairman T.J. McCormack. “Rick Morrissey, Tom Garrity and Richard Clinchy have been at the core of strong, steady leadership for Somers. They have kept taxes the lowest of any town in Westchester, while providing the services Somers families need, and all the while they have encouraged economic development, which has brought with it solid improvement and expansion of the town’s infrastructure.”

McCormack continued, “It is very gratifying in this era of uncivil discourse, even within political parties, that we came out of our convention with a huge majority endorsing our incumbents. We are unified, and we are energized by this Republican slate.”

Councilman Tom Garrity also thanked his supporters on Facebook.

“I just want to thank all those who came out to the Somers Republican Committee meeting last night and supported me for one more term as Somers Town Councilman,” Garrity wrote. “As I have done in the last two elections, I will be running with my friend and colleague, Richard Clinchy. Richard and I will be represented on both the Democrat and Republican lines. I look forward to knocking on doors and gathering signatures in the next four weeks, and I look forward to answering any questions you may have.”

Endorsements came earlier than years prior, Garrity explained, because the state moved up the dates of all potential primaries to June; as a result, the petition/signature gathering will be happening in March. This normally happens in July/August.

Somers Democratic Chair Christine Robbins said that Garrity and Clinchy are both deserving of re-election.

“There is a time for political debate and a time for bi-partisan unity. Both parties are willing to stand firm when it’s a matter of principle, but we are also willing to work together when it’s in the best interest of the town. This is one of those times,” Robbins said.

The Democrats thanked Chiaverini “for all of the outstanding years of service” and County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz, who announced earlier this year was stepping down from his long-held post in District 4.

For County Legislator, the Democrats have endorsed candidates Vedat Gashi, of Yorktown, in District 4, and Kitley Covill, of Katonah, in District 2. Republicans endorsed Michael Grace for the District 4 seat.