Hello Somers Residents and Businesses!! We do hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this 'stay at home' experience. We are so sorry that we had to postpone our big April 2020 Town Wide Clean Up. However, with Somers Town Supervisor Rick Morrissey's approval, IF we can keep our 6 ft physical distance from each other, we can actually get some litter picked up, while the traffic has been greatly reduced. This is music to our ears! The Somers Litter Task Force has safety vests, litter pickers, orange garbage bags, and gloves for everyone to use. ***We do not have masks*** If you would like to help, we suggest you go out in pairs, or as a family, not in large groups. If you have young children, please stay off the main thoroughfares in Somers. Although, the traffic is greatly reduced, sadly, it appears that speeding is at a maximum, as if there are no laws. So, please be very careful and always face traffic when picking up litter on the roadsides. For those who are interested in helping us Keep Somers Beautiful, please call Rich Nash at 914-438-3721. Rich has all the litter pick-up supplies at his home. We are so grateful to the Somers Women's Club for picking up litter earlier this month!! Thank you in advance for all your help and stay safe and healthy!