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Think it’s too late or too challenging to get Mom what she really wants for Mother’s Day? Think again! Here are 10 ideas that you can put together during quarantine for Mother’s Day.  

A Clean House 
As moms we are always told to leave the mess so we can focus on spending time with our kids, but there’s not a mom we know that isn’t bothered by dirt and clutter. A clean house is like taking a really good, long, deep breath. Get the kids involved if you have to, but nothing can replace that sense of peace that comes when the entire house is clean. Try this list to help get the whole family involved.

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Pamper Us  
Better yet, give us time to pamper ourselves. Between unmanicured nails, grown-out highlights, incoming grays, endless baking sessions and a new wardrobe consisting solely of loungewear, we haven’t exactly felt our best. Giving us some space to take a long shower, shave our legs and feel pretty for the day would be a welcome change. If you want to turn it up a notch, throw a candle in the bathroom, hang some eucalyptus in the shower and lock the kids up elsewhere. 

Leave Us Alone
Most Mother’s Days are special because everything is canceled, from sports practices to birthday parties and everything in between. That break in routine is usually a welcome change. But not this year! Lately we haven’t had a day away from our kids. I think we speak for all moms when we say we would like some time alone. Try putting the kids in the car and giving us some space. Let us use this time to read, call a friend, take a long shower, watch Netflix, anything our heart desires.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee 
If we represent most moms, then most moms run on coffee—lots of it! We have been making coffee at home for the past six weeks. Perhaps a latte that someone else made would be an extra special way to fuel the day. You can grab the coffee while you’re giving mom some time alone (see above). 

Something With Our Children’s Words 
A little alone time on Mother’s Day is nice, but the point of the day is to show mom some love and appreciation. Nothing touches our hearts like our own children’s words. Ask your kids to fill out this form!pdf It will be a keepsake that might even bring some laughter and tears to mom.

Take Away Some of Our Responsibilities 
Moms are usually the gift givers. And even though Mother’s Day is all about us, we still have to buy gifts for our own moms. Maybe this year someone else could get the Mother’s Day gifts for the grandmas. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A plant or a homemade card would be perfect. 

Keep Tradition Alive 
On a “normal” Mother’s Day, we both love to start the day at favorite breakfast spots. We go to the same place every year because we love building tradition. Why not try and bring some of the usual celebrations to your home? Are there any elements you can still make happen this year? Does your usual brunch spot do take-ut? Can you still spend the day gardening together?

A Complaint-Free Day 
This might be the No. 1 thing we want on this list. For the past six weeks, we have been cooking meals, preparing snacks, helping with online schooling and planning family activities. This hard work has all been met with complaints. Kids don’t seem to care that there’s a pandemic, they still want all the fun snacks. We know our kids love us and we are used to the complaints, but it would be nice to have an hour without whining!

Make a Toast  
If nothing else, just let us know that you see all we do to be the best moms we can be. Every mom just wants to make the most of their kids’ childhoods. Let us know you realize how hard we work every day to make that happen. Call it a toast if you like, but just make sure to share how much you love and appreciate us.  

Spread the Love 
Kind words and gestures are appreciated more than ever these days. Is there someone else who deserves a “thank you” for loving your kids as much as you do? This is a great day to thank that person. We believe a family is any group of people joined together by love. So why not thank those people who are part of your family?

Stacy Reiber and Debbie Hille are two teachers, moms, and the owners of The Family Keystone. They created their company with a passion to help families connect more deeply, simplify their lives, and focus on what matters most. They offer a kit that guides families in writing a custom mission statement. Learn more at