Tuskers Travels Announces 2018 Itinerary

SOMERS, N.Y.--Tusker Travels will journey down under in July 2018 and will head to France during spring break 2018. It is accepting applications through Oct. 27 for both of these trips.

This non-profit educational travel company was established a year and a half ago by five Somers High School teachers, Christine Lepkowski, William Maelia, Christine Brooks, Angela Holder and Anna Timone. The first Tusker Travels trip was to Iceland in April 2017.  Participants learned about glacial erosion, geothermal energy, folklore, culinary delights and more. 

The spring trip in 2018 is to Paris, the Loire and the French Riviera. Travelers will get to experience the City of Light, visit the Louvre, go to Notre Dame, climb the Eiffel Tower at night, explore two châteaux in the Loire Valley, take a tour of Avignon and see the Palais des Papes, visit the ancient Roman aqueduct in Nîmes, spend time in Nice and Monaco and tour a French perfume factory in Eze. This is a 10-day trip and will travel during the school’s spring break. Applications for this trip by sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school are currently being accepted.

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The summer 2018 trip is a 14-day trip to New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii. Travelers will begin the trip in Auckland and Rotorua, New Zealand, where they will learn about geothermal activity, see sheep shearing, learn about local legends and tribal customs in the Maori Village and explore historical landmarks. From there, they will fly to Sydney, Australia, where they will see the famous Opera House, visit the Sydney Tower, tour the historical Rocks District and visit the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Their next stop will be Cairns, where they will visit the Great Barrier Reef, being able to swim and see the scenery from a glass-bottomed boat. They will also go snorkeling with a marine biologist. On the return trip, they will spend two days in Hawaii where they will participate in a lei greeting, take a tour of Honolulu, visit the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, go to a pineapple plantation and attend a luau. They will depart about a week after the end of the school year, and applications are being accepted from freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school.

There will be an interest meeting for parents and students who want to learn more about these itineraries, the application process, the costs and payment options and more fro 6:30 to 7:3- p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, in Mr. Maelia’s room, 117A, at Somers High School.  Completed applications, including three character references, should be submitted by Friday, Oct. 27.
For more information, email, visit or Facebook at  We will be announcing our 2019 trip in a month or two so make sure to sign up for our updates!

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