Somers High Girls Varsity Field Hockey Team Under New Leadership

Coaches Marq Mellor, Leigh Fiorito and Chrissy Lepkowski talk in a post-game huddle Oct. 4. Credits: Photo by Deena Bell

SOMERS, N.Y.--Marq Mellor, a first-year coach of the Somers High School varsity girls field hockey team, “will no longer be coaching" with the program, Somers Athletic Director Roman Catalino notified parents of students in the program in a letter sent yesterday (Oct. 11). 

The news comes after head coach Marq Mellor’s recent return from a nearly two-week suspension, during which time Leigh Fiorito, a coach and physical education teacher, has served as head coach on an interim basis, with Chrissy Lepkowski's support on the sidelines. 

Parents of the field hockey team, members of the athletics, human resources and student services departments, and the school administration met on Oct. 3 to discuss "communications" about the program.

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At that meeting, according to someone who attended but did not want to be identified, “School officials confirmed that they conducted a thorough investigation, which included interviews with numerous field hockey team members. Their investigation concluded that Mellor was in violation of the Dignity for All Students Act" (DASA). The individual said parents asked what the violation was, "but school officials said they were not at liberty to share details of personnel matters.”

The meeting was held a week after Catalino had sent a letter to parents, dated Sept. 26, in which he said he had “received a number of communications regarding the field hockey program” and provided contact information so parents could reach him with “feedback.”

The Oct. 11 letter states that effective immediately, Fiorito will serve in Mellor's stead, coach Kevin Mallon will continue to coach the junior varsity field hockey team and Lepkowski will "continue to remain available to support the players on the sidelines.”

When contacted, Catalino told The Somers Record, “We can’t comment on a personnel issue,” and directed further questions to Matthew Carr, the district's director of human resources and student services.

Carr could not be immediately reached.

Mellor also could not immediately be reached. 

(This is a developing story. Updates will be posted as more information becomes available.)

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