EDITOR: At tax time we are reminded that when we have money troubles, we turn to our accountant to put our finances in order and get us back on track.

We, in New Jersey, have money troubles; our taxes are too high, business and residents are fleeing and our state budget is a mess. We need a governor who will face our financial problems "head on" and put our house in order - we need Jack Ciattarelli.

Jack is not an attorney; he is a certified public accountant (CPA) and a businessman. Jack has concrete plans to lower property taxes, reform our state tax structure and fix our ailing budget.

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Fixing our failed school funding formula is the only way to provide real property tax relief. His plan will redirect state school funding from overfunded districts like Hoboken and Jersey City, who still receive a disproportionate amount of school aid even though their local economies are booming, to middle and working class communities. 

He will reform our state's tax structure to attract new businesses to come to New Jersey and make it economically viable for our parents and grandparents to stay.

Our state employee pension plan is a promise we cannot afford to continue; Jack will put new state employees in a contribution pension program like the ones most of us have in the private sector; this will begin to plug the largest hole in the state budget.

Jack is the only candidate from either party with a specific plan; he has a proven track record as a Freeholder and Assemblyman for getting things done.

Don't just take my word for it - read his plan at www.jack4gov.com. Jack is an "idea guy," a problem solver.

We need someone with a concrete plan and the will to make it happen; we need Jack Ciattarelli to be our next governor.



Bedminster Township