BEDMINSTER NJ - The taxman rarely brings good news to New Jersey property taxpayers. Bedminster's 2016 municipal budget is one exception to that rule.  

According to the proposed budget, the tax rate for municipal purposes will decrease from .306 per 1,000 of value to .304. That a modest two-thirds of 1 percent decrease.

The Bedminster Township Committee unveiled the township's 2016 budget at its March 21 public meeting. According to the proposed budget published on the township's website, the township's expenditures fell within the 3.5 percent "CAP" under state municipal finance law. The "CAP" allows for a 3.5 percent increase over the previous year's budget, with some exceptions.

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The largest single line items within the CAP were police salaries and wages and premiums for employee group health benefits. The township plans to appropriate $1,923,617 toward police salaries and wages. That figure represents a one percent decrease from 2015. The township plans to appropriate $703,895 for employee health benefits. That figure represents a 6.4 percent increase from 2015.

The Township Committee will hold a public hearing on the 2016 budget and tax resolution at its April 18, meeting. The proposed 2016 budget can be found on the township's website by clicking on this link.