BEDMINSTER NJ - At its August 17, 2015 public meeting, the Bedminster Township Committee will consider Resolution 2015-111 "Authorizing a Deer Management Plan on Township Owned Properties in Bedminster Township."  Earlier this year Mayor Steven E. Parker presented the proposed deer management plan to the Township Committee and to the Environmental Commission for their review.

The Environmental Commission reviewed the proposal and sent it back "as a go" at their January 21, 2015 meeting.  The Enironmental Commission made three comments with their approval.  First, they suggested a strong deterrent for anyone who allows unauthorized persons to participate in the proposed hunt(s).  Second, they requested a clarification of season goals.  Third, they requested information about the deer population density.

The public considered the plan at the March 2, 2015 public meeting of the Township Committee.  The Deer Management Program Committee is currently reviewing the proposed plan and possible sites for hunts.