BERNARDSVILLE, NJ — Verizon has chosen three businesses, including Bernardsville’s Pretty Pink Rooster, as one of three small businesses featured in its new web series “Comeback Coach."

The purpose of this series is to match up-and-coming small business owners with successful business coaches for one-on-one mentoring and showcase the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses.

To date, two episodes featuring Pretty Pink Rooster have been released on the Verizon website. Focalpoint business coach Sharon Richter is assigned to advise Alexandra Daras, owner of Pretty Pink Rooster, a problem-solving boutique for women, on how to make the most out of her business during these unprecedented times. 

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“I am so, so excited and so beyond grateful. A huge thank you to Verizon who created this huge thing and allowed me to be a part of it,” Daras said in an Instagram post.  Pretty Pink Rooster is located at 115 Morristown Road in Bernardsville and also online at  Daras shares that a big goal for her businesses is to franchise her boutique.  Throughout the series, Richter and Daras discuss the current state of Pretty Pink Rooster and Richter gives Daras the tools to make this transition possible. 

Richter recommends that Daras delegate tasks and manage according to the 80/20 rule.  For example, saving activities like vacuuming and unpacking merchandise for her employees who also happen to be Daras’ mother and sister.  In doing this, Daras will have more time to focus on expanding her business.     

Richter also recommends using offerings from Verizon like BlueJeans, a video conferencing tool that would help Daras connect with her customers and Verizon One Talk to help with time and communications management so Daras can focus on goals and growing her business to the next level.

The Comeback Coach series also features two other tri-state area businesses, a food truck franchise named Bro-ritos and a specialty fitness firm Dimensional Training Studios. 

To watch these and future episodes of Comeback Coach visit: