SOMERSET HILLS NJ - Despite an increase from 2016-17, state support for the Somerset Hills School District remains well below the school funding formula in 2017-18.   The state aid for the district will be approximately fifty-nine per cent of the level mandated by New Jersey school funding law.

Each New Jersey school district receives a portion of its funding from the state government.  Each year the amount appropriated for each district is determined by the governor and state legislature in the state budget.   New Jersey school funding law includes a school funding formula which the legislature is supposed to use to determine aid for each municipality.

According to the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services, state aid required to fully fund the Somerset Hills School District is $1,689,011.  The aid for the district in the final state budget is $994,791, or 58.89 per cent of the full funding figure.

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The 2017-18 funding amount represents a 10.67 per cent increase from the $898,906 appropriated to the district in 2016-17.

The district will again make up for the shortfall in state aid by using local property tax revenues.  The local property tax, which accounts for nearly all of the district's budget.