FAR HILLS NJ - Friends of John Graf, Jr., Bedminster's "Ministerman" have dedicated a bench in his honor in Leonard J. Buck Gardens in Far Hills.  The money for the memorial was raised by Somerset Treatment Services in Somerville.

Known to many as "The Ministerman" because he was an ordained non-denominational minister who took joy in performing weddings, Graf served Bedminster and Somerset County in many roles.   One of those roles was as a member of the Board of Trustees of Somerset Treatment Services in Somerville.  He worked with STS for over 20 years, helping to forge advocacy and support programs for those challenged by drug abuse and HIV issues.

Graf died March 6, 2016. He was 57.

On Wednesday, a few days after his birthday, Somerset Treatment Services held a ceremony to dedicate the bench to Graf in Leonad J. Buck Gardens.  Father Ron Pollock said a few words at the dedication. A memorial plaque was added to the front of the bench.