Effort Supports 28 Days Project to Boost the Potential of 500 Girls in Need

GLADSTONE NJ — While many student athletes take abreak in July, 14-year old Kelsey Klein of Gladstone, NJ has been hitting the lacrosse turf as a member of the T3 girls lacrosse club. Kelsey is also a volunteer with 28 Days, a non-profit that serves women and girls in need of - but cannot afford - feminine products.

Seeing the opportunity to engage her teammates in friendly competition, Klein launched “We Stick Together”, a club-wide competition to see which of T3’s teams could donate the most feminine products to support 28 Days. During T3’s ‘Best of the Beach’ tournament in Long Branch, NJ in July, T3 teammates rose to the challenge by donating enough products to support 500 women and girlsin need.

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A continuous need – every 28 days

28 Days was formed in May, 2016 as a way to combine the power of volunteerism and teamwork to create a less stressful and more confident period for women and girls in need. Klein, who will enter ninth grade at Bernards High School this fall, first got involved with 28 Days in May, 2017 when she collected 150 deodorants from her local T3 lacrosse teammates to benefit a rural high school in Pennsylvania.

“It’s hard to think that girls our age have to worry about basic things, like deodorant and feminine products. The minute my teammates and my coach heard about it they asked, ‘how can we help?” said Kelsey Klein. “Everybody came to the next practices with armfuls of products. That’s one of the greatest things about being on a team – it’s not just about what happens on the field, it’s what we do off the field, too.”

“We Stick Together”

This summer, Klein knew she wanted to take the project further and spoke with her T3 coaches about the possibility of partnering with the larger T3 organization. Kelsey and her parents, Mary and Neil Klein of Gladstone, set up a 28 Days tent at T3’s 3-day lacrosse tournament. In between games, they educated donors on the purpose of 28 Days and collected donations from each of the teams. The “We Stick Together” theme connected the players and the purpose and is printed on the pink sports bags given to the team with the most donations.

“What we love about the 28 Days project is that it brings attention to an important issue that many are unaware of. T3 is an all-girls club, and it's important for all of our players, parents, and staff to take action in helping other females. Our first fundraising event together was extremely successful and we are looking forward to partnering with 28 Days at future T3 events,” said Kat Holley, T3 Best of the Beach Tournament Director.

“Kelsey’s leadership and T3’s support have been a game-changer for 28 Days,” said 28 Days co-founder Amy Dietrich. “This effort educated donors and those attending the tournament to the recurring need and expense of feminine products for girls and women. Removing the financial burden, especially for girls in middle and high school, is a priority for 28 Days and this collection effort will go a long way in creating a less stressful period for those girls.” said Dietrich.

Support for 500 Girls and Women

28 Days has 15 non-profit partners that distribute products directly to those in need. Partners include schools, food pantries, women’s shelters, homeless services and shelters, and emergency services. Most of the T3 donations will be distributed to school programs in Orange and Newark,New Jersey and to Mount Union High School in rural Pennsylvania.

In both urban and rural areas, sports may be one way a young woman can expand hopes for college. If girls feel a lack of confidence when managing their periods in the classroom or on the sports field, their chances to explore options outside of their world can plummet. Connecting with other young women through sports, clubs, or academics is something Kelsey and her teammates would like to see happen for all girls.

28 Days is a 501(c)3 non-profit and relies on donations from individuals, foundations and

companies. To donate or to learn more, visit www.28daysproject.org .


About 28 Days

28 Days was founded on the premise that women need access to affordable feminine products — every 28 days — and that no woman needs to feel financial or emotional burdens by simply being female. Our mission is to provide feminine products to women in need — to create a less stressful and more confident period. Founded by sisters, Jamy Barton and Amy Dietrich, and powered by the talents of like-minded women in tech and volunteerism, the project delivers on the passion to help others and leverage innovation.

Launched in May 2016, 28 Days has quickly gained ground as donors and distribution partners leverage this new way of giving that supports underprivileged women and girls. 28 Days donations support more than 900 periods per year. For more information on 28 Days or to donate, visit http://www.28daysproject.org or email contact28days@gmail.com .

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