To the Editor:

            In an email recently obtained in an OPRA request, John Sweeney showed his true colors.  On the eve of the 2011 election, then-councilman John Sweeney emailed his borough council colleagues: “If Muller is elected, it will reflect a real lack of intelligence among the electorate.”

            Councilman Suriano was the only colleague who disagreed with that email, and suggested that his approach was not conducive to building consensus.  Councilman Suriano was right.

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            John Sweeney doesn’t trust the voters, and if you don’t agree with John Sweeney, then either you don’t understand the issue or you are not smart, according to him.  That has been his pattern, not only in assessing the voters, but in how he relates to some of his colleagues.

            Why would we go back to those old politics?

In 2011 I trusted the voters, and they elected me to the borough council in a hotly contested race.  In 2014, I was elected mayor.  In the years since Mr. Sweeney left the council, the council has developed a good, working relationship.  They don’t always agree, but they are able to work together even when they don’t agree.

I invite opposing viewpoints, as does the council.  What I do not welcome is the practice of the politics of personal destruction.

Roy Smith has been an excellent colleague, and based on her time on the Land Use Board, I can see that Lisa Saunders will be an excellent colleague as well.  We may disagree at times, but we can do so professionally.



William Muller