PEAPACK AND GLADSTONE NJ - At Tuesday's meeting, the Peapack-Gladstone Borough Council will consider whether to authorize the borough to apply for a Local Stewardship grant through Green Acres. The purpose of the proposed grant application for aspects of the Liberty Park restoration project.

Local Government Stewardship Program is a new grant program authorized under the Preserve New Jersey Act of 2016. The purpose of the stewardship program is "to repair or restore lands acquired for recreation and conservation purposes for the purpose of enhancing or protecting those lands for recreation and conservation purposes.”

The potential uses of the Stewardship Grant would be for the restoration and enhancement of the bank of the pond in Liberty Park, and for the purchase and installation of a pump to supply fresh water to the pond. The lack of a continuous supply of fresh water to the pond has vexed the borough for years. The Liberty Park Association, a private group dedicated to the restoration of Liberty Park, has made several recommendations for the restoration of the park. Among those recommendations is to install a pump to draw water from underground water sources to freshen the water in the pond.

The minimum grant award under the Local Government Stewardship Program is $50,000. The program will only consider projects with over $100,000 in eligible costs. A majority vote of the council would be required to pass the resolution authorizing the grant.